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Tag Archives: ASP-Properties

The ASP TotalBytes is a read-only property. This Property is used to return the total number of bytes that the client will send through the… Read More
The ASP Expires Property is used for setting the duration of time for the page will be expired before it catches on v browser. It… Read More
The ASP Charset Property is used to append the name of the character set to the content-type header in the Response object. For example- ISO-8859-13.… Read More
The ASP ExpiresAbsolute Property is used for setting the date and time at which a page cached on a browser expires. If the same page… Read More
The ASP IsClientConnected Property is used to specify whether the client is connected or disconnected from the server. It is a read-only property.  This property… Read More
The ASP BinaryRead Method is used to retrieve the data that sent to the server from the client-side using POST request. This Method stores the… Read More
The ASP Write() method is used to display a string as an output on the webpage. It is a predefined method of the Response and… Read More
The ASP ContentType Property is used to set the HTTP content type/subtype for the response header Object.  The default value is text/HTML Syntax: response.ContentType[=contenttype] Parameter… Read More
The Buffer Property in ASP is used for specifying whether the output will be buffered or not. When the page is buffering so that the… Read More

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