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Tag Archives: ASP-Basics

The FileExists Method in ASP is used for returning the Boolean value which indicates that whether a particular file exists or not. It returns true… Read More
The ASP GetTempName Method is used for returning the randomly generated file or folder from the system.  It is an in-built method of the FileSystem… Read More
The ASP TextStream.Close Method is a predefined method of the TextStream Object which is used to close an opened text file.  Syntax: TextStreamObject.Close Example: Below… Read More
The ASP SkipLine Method is used to skip one line from a text file at the time of reading the file contents. It is a… Read More
The ASP ReadAll Method is used to read all the contents from the Text file. It is a predefined method of the TextStream Object that… Read More
The ASP AtEndOfLine Property is used to return a Boolean value which specifies that whether the file pointer position at the end of the line… Read More
The ASP Textstream.Line Property is a read-only property that can be used to return a current line number in a TextsStream File.  Syntax: TextStreamObject.Line Example:… Read More
The ASP DeleteFile Method is used to delete one or more files from the server. It returns an error if we want to delete a… Read More
The ASP Server ScriptTimeout Property is used for setting or returning the maximum time for the execution of the script before it terminates it.  Syntax:… Read More
The ASP CopyFolder Method is used to copying one or more folders from source to destination. It is a predefined method of the FileSystem Object. … Read More
The ASP Read Method is used for reading a specified number of characters in a TextStream file. It is a predefined method of the TextStream… Read More
The ASP Session.Contents Collection is used for collecting the items which are appended to the Application object by using script command.  This Collection can also… Read More
The GetDrive Method in ASP is used for returning the Drive Object that correspondence to a drive in a specified path. It is a predefined… Read More
The ASP Session_OnStart Event occurs when the session starts. It occurs when the server creates a session Object. This event is taken place in the… Read More
The ASP CreateTextFile Method is used to create a new Text file in the current Directory It returns a TextStream Object which can be used… Read More