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ASP stands for Active Service Pages. ASP.NET is an open-source, server-side scripting web application designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was… Read More
What is an Application? An Application is a group of two or more ASP files that use to work together to perform a particular task… Read More
The ASP Request.QueryString Collection is used to get the value of the variable that will be stored in the HTTP query string from the URL. … Read More
The ASP Request Object is used to retrieve the information from the client browser. The Request Object is used when the client wants to request… Read More
Basically HTML controls are client side controls and ASP.NET controls are server side controls. We prefer ASP.NET controls  as our web controls. As with the… Read More
The Response Object is used to send a response to the client request from a server. It has many predefined methods, properties, and collections.  … Read More
The ASP File.Delete Method is used to delete a particular file or folder from a system.  Syntax  For file object: FileObject.Delete[(force)] For folder object:  FileObject.Delete[(force)]… Read More
The ASP size property is used to return the size of the specified file or folder. It returns the value in terms of bytes. Syntax:… Read More
The ASP Dictionary.Remove Method is used to remove specified key-value pairs from a Dictionary Object.  Syntax: DictionaryObject.Remove(key) Parameter Value: Key: It is a required attribute.… Read More
The ASP Name Property is used for returning and setting the name of a specified file or Folder.  Syntax: For File Object: FileObject.Name[=newname] For Folder… Read More
The ASP Dictionary.RemoveAll Method is used to remove all the key-value pairs from a Dictionary Object.  Syntax: DictionaryObject.RemoveAll Example Code: Below code demonstrates the ASP… Read More
The ASP DateLastAccessed Property is used to get the date and time when the particular file or folder is last access on the system. Syntax:… Read More
The ASP Dictionary.Keys Method is used for returning an array of all the keys in a Dictionary Object.  Syntax: DictionaryObject.Keys Example Code: Below code demonstrates… Read More
The ASP DateLastModified Property is used to get the date and time when the particular file or folder was last modified or update on the… Read More
ASP Code: The ASPCode is used for returning the string value which determines the error code that would be generated by the IIS server. This… Read More

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