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Recently Arista Networks visited our campus. Min CGPA requirement was 8. There was an online coding test followed by 3 FTF interviews on G-meet. Round… Read More
Arista Networks visited our campus for internships Round 1: The first round consisted of 3 online coding questions. Hackerrank was used as the platform. 1.… Read More
Arista Networks visited our campus to offer internships. Online Coding Round 1 : The test was on Hackerrank and we were given 3 coding problems.… Read More
Recently Arista Networks visited our campus for hiring interns and full timers. Minimum CGPA required was 8.5.There were a total of 3 rounds. Round 1… Read More
Arista Networks came to our campus. Initially, all the branches were allowed and the percentage criterion was 60%. But in the subsequent round, students from… Read More
Arista recently visited our campus for interns. There were three rounds in total. Initially students were shortlisted based on CGPA(8+). Then there was a primary… Read More
I had an telephonic interview with Arista Networks couple of days ago. To apply for Arista Networks (Internship) CGPA >=8.5, luckily i had. Here are… Read More
Lately, I had an on campus interview with Arista Networks. Here are the details of the company’s written and interview process. Round 1 (Written, On… Read More
Round 1 : Technical Interview Question 1: Given a sorted doubly link list and two numbers C and K. You need to decrease the info… Read More