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Data Interpretation Question in GRE will require the knowledge of understanding Data Representation methods. It is very Important to understand data correctly and apply the… Read More
Counting is the process of determining the number of elements of a finite set of objects. If set contains small number of objects/elements then it… Read More
In the coordinate geometry, all the points are located on the coordinate plane. Coordinate plane is also called xy-plane. The concepts of xy-plane are: The… Read More
Distribution of Data: The distribution of a statistical data set (or a population) is a listing or function showing all the possible values (or intervals)… Read More
Data can be described numerically by various statistics, or statistical measures. These statistical measures are often grouped in 3 categories: 1. Measures of central tendency… Read More
Algebra and its application cover a large chunk of the quantitative reasoning part of the GRE test paper. This is due to the fact that… Read More
A certain number of men can do a certain piece of work in D days. If there were m more men engaged in the work… Read More
Lines: A Line is a one-dimensional geometrical figure having negligible breadth extending infinitely in both directions. A line may be straight or curved. A straight… Read More
A linear inequality is an inequality which involves a linear function and contains the following symbols: < less than > greater than ≤ less than… Read More
In algebra, a quadratic equation can be written in the form: ax2 + bx + c = 0 where x is the variable and a,… Read More
An algebraic expression consist one variable is used to define a function of that variable. For example, the expression 2y – 7 can be used… Read More
Probability is a numerical representation of the chance of occurrence of a particular event. Here the event is the word used to describe any particular… Read More
An expression contain variables, numbers and operation symbols is called an algebraic expression.Every expression can be written as a single term or sum of terms.… Read More
An object which has only height and length are called 2-dimensional figures while an abject which has height length and width are called 3-dimensional object.… Read More
In algebraic expression xm, x is the base and m is the exponent. For all positive number of x except x=1, if an equation contain… Read More