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Tag Archives: Aptitude-GATE IT 2006

Which of the following DMA transfer modes and interrupt handling mechanisms will enable the highest I/O band-width?   (A) Transparent DMA and Polling interrupts (B)… Read More
The addition of 4-bit, two’s complement, binary numbers 1101 and 0100 results in   (A) 0001 and an overflow (B) 1001 and no overflow (C)… Read More
Which regular expression best describes the language accepted by the non-deterministic automaton below?   (A) (a + b)* a(a + b)b (B) (abb)* (C) (a… Read More
In the context-free grammar below, S is the start symbol, a and b are terminals, and ϵ denotes the empty string S → aSa |… Read More
For the set N of natural numbers and a binary operation f : N x N → N, an element z ∊ N is called… Read More
In a certain town, the probability that it will rain in the afternoon is known to be 0.6. Moreover, meteorological data indicates that if the… Read More

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