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For the role of Software Engineer Test.Online round: 3 coding questions and few MCQ. (Platform? -> Hackerrank). 1 question on finding duplicates. – easy using… Read More
Coding Round There were 9 MCQs and 3 Coding Problems in Coding Round. Most of the MCQs were on basic Data Structures, Algorithms and 2… Read More
Round 1: Online Round consisted of 12 MCQs(Technical) and 3 coding questions. Duration 90 minutes. 1)http://Count subsequence of length three in a given string Can… Read More
Appdynamics came to our college for internships in SDE profile. Around 100+ students were shortlisted for online test. Online test consists of 15 MCQs and… Read More
Round 1 Online round consisted of 10 Technical MCQs of Medium Level and 3 coding questions. 1. 2. Number of Regions N Lines Divide… Read More

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