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In this article, PhotoView is added to android. PhotoView aims to help produce an easily usable implementation of a zooming Android ImageView using multi-touch and… Read More
In Android, a ScrollView is a view group that is used to make vertically scrollable views. A scroll view contains a single direct child only.… Read More
MorphView is a convenience library for reverse AnimatedVectorDrawables. AnimatedVectorDrawables class was introduced in API 21 and is used to animate Vector Drawables beautifully and easily.… Read More
A ListView is a type of AdapterView that displays a vertical list of scroll-able views and each view is placed one below the other. Using… Read More
Expandable Cardview provides to create expansion panels without too much hassle and without writing boilerplate code. An expandable card view becomes quite useful when it… Read More
BottomNavigationView makes it easy for users to explore and switch between top-level views with a single tap. There should be a minimum of 3 top-level… Read More
ImageView class is used to display any kind of image resource in the android application either it can be or (it is a… Read More
VideoView class of Kotlin is used to display video files in the android application. This class supports the 3gp and MP4 video formats. VideoView class… Read More
Memory management is a crucial aspect of app development. Since mobile devices have very limited memory, it is necessary to use it carefully in our… Read More
In Android, VideoView is used to load video files. We can rely on any of the external resources, URLs, or the local data in order… Read More
This article is about the implementation of ViewFipper in android. It is an extension of the ViewAnimator class which helps to animate between views added… Read More
In this article, we will learn about how to add KenBurns View in android using java. KenBurns View is a useful library that is an… Read More
EditText is an android widget. It is a User Interface element used for entering and modifying data. It returns data in String format. Masking refers… Read More
This article demonstrates how to draw a horizontal and a vertical line in an Android app. Although we have countless XML tags to meet almost… Read More
Widget refers to the elements of the UI (User Interface) that helps user interacts with the Android App. Edittext is one of many such widgets… Read More

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