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ViewAnimator is a very fascinating and useful feature as it switches between two or more views smoothly and mainly meant for animation features of the… Read More
SlidingDrawer is a common requirement in android mobiles to view the content whenever needed by sliding horizontally as well as vertically. In this article, let… Read More
Displaying an Image in Android is done easily using ImageView. But what if one wants to display a circular image? It is seen that many… Read More
In this article, the number of taps that user does in a  short span of time on a particular view is counted, It can be… Read More
Detecting a double tap i.e. whenever the user double taps on any view how it is detected and according to the view a response can… Read More
MultiAutoCompleteTextView is an editable TextView, extending AutoCompleteTextView. In a text view, when the user starts to type a text, MultiAutoCompleteTextView shows completion suggestions for the… Read More
To detect a triple tap i.e. whenever the user triple taps on any view how it is detected and according to the view a response… Read More
If the user is giving the input and the input needs to be shown as TextView and if the user inputs the stuff which can… Read More
NestedScrollView is just like ScrollView, but it supports acting as both a nested scrolling parent and child on both new and old versions of Android.… Read More
It is seen that many Android Applications use CircularImageView to show the profile images, status, stories, and many other things but doing this with a… Read More
In this article,  WaveLineView is implemented in android. WaveLineView provides us with a very beautiful UI. It can be used when the user has to… Read More
In this article, ProtractorView is added to android. ProtractorView is a semicircular Seekbar view for selecting an angle from 0° to 180. Seek bar is… Read More
In this article, ElasticView is added in android. The ElasticView is a regular CardView, which can flex from user touches. OnClickListener and other various important… Read More
In this article, WheelView is added in android. WheelView provides a very impressive UI that allows the developer to create a Wheel and add items… Read More
In this article, PopView is added to android. When users tap on the view a pop animation with a circular dust effect will appear. A… Read More

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