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Background Images play an important role in the beautification of any application. Hence, most social media applications like WhatsApp, Messenger provides this as a part… Read More
The SSH protocol uses encryption to secure the connection between a client and a server. All user authentication, commands, output, and file transfers are encrypted… Read More
If you are building any apps and you want to target this app to a large audience then there are so many factors which you… Read More
App size matters a lot when building any application. If the app size is larger most of the users will not download your app due… Read More
Proximity Sensor is one of the sensors present in mobile devices which we use almost every day. This sensor is present in the top section… Read More
Session Management is one of the most important features that are to be used in the Android App when you are integrating the login feature… Read More
Android supports a range of touch gestures such as tap, double-tap, pinch, swipe, scroll, long press, drag, and fling. Drag and fling may seem similar… Read More
In Android, there’s quite a method to intercept the events from a user’s interaction with your application. When considering events within your interface, the approach… Read More
Proguard and R8 both are similar tools that are used for reducing the size of our APK and increase the performance of our APK by… Read More
As it is discussed in How to Vibrate a Device Programmatically in Android previously in the article. So in this article, it’s been discussed how… Read More
Hepatic feedback are also considered when it comes to user experience. So in this discussion, it’s been discussed various types of haptics or the types… Read More
Setting wallpaper in Android programmatically is helpful when the application is fetching wallpapers from the API library and asking the user whether to set the… Read More
Android apps are growing and one important aspect of it is reusability. Sometimes, the complexity of app design will be more and during that time,… Read More
In android devices, Bluetooth is a communication network protocol that allows devices to connect wirelessly to exchange data with other Bluetooth devices. In general, we… Read More
Bluetooth’s technology is a high-speed, low-powered wireless technology link designed to connect devices such as phones or other portable equipment. It has a specification (IEEE… Read More

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