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Pre-requisite: Merge Sort, Insertion Sort  Merge Sort: is an external algorithm and based on divide and conquer strategy. In this sorting:   The elements are split… Read More
What is the best sorting algorithm to use for the elements in array are more than 1 million in general? (A) Merge sort. (B) Bubble sort.… Read More
The auxiliary space of insertion sort is O(1), what does O(1) mean ? (A) The memory (space) required to process the data is not constant.… Read More
Consider the array A[]= {6,4,8,1,3} apply the insertion sort to sort the array . Consider the cost associated with each sort is 25 rupees ,… Read More
Which of the following statements is correct with respect to insertion sort ? *Online - can sort a list at runtime *Stable - doesn't change… Read More
Which is the correct order of the following algorithms with respect to their time Complexity in the best case ? (A) Merge sort > Quick… Read More
Consider an array of elements arr[5]= {5,4,3,2,1} , what are the steps of insertions done while doing insertion sort in the array.   (A) 4… Read More
Binary insertion sort is a sorting algorithm which is similar to the insertion sort, but instead of using linear search to find the location where… Read More

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