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Tag Archives: Algorithms-Divide and Conquer

Given a binary string S of length N. The task is to find the following: The minimum number of subsequences, string S can be divided… Read More
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Consider a situation where you don’t have function to calculate power (pow() function in C) and you need to calculate x^n where x can be… Read More
Maximum Subarray Sum problem is to find the subarray with maximum sum. For example, given an array {12, -13, -5, 25, -20, 30, 10}, the… Read More
Consider the polynomial p(x) = a0 + a1x + a2x^2 +a3x^3, where ai != 0, for all i. The minimum number of multiplications needed to… Read More
Consider the following C program int main()  {     int x, y, m, n;     scanf ("%d %d", &x, &y);     /* x > 0 and y >… Read More
Which of the following algorithms is NOT a divide & conquer algorithm by nature? (A) Euclidean algorithm to compute the greatest common divisor (B) Heap… Read More

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