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Round 1: This round was held on cocubes platform, In which 3 coding questions had to be solved in a time span of 70 minutes.… Read More
Round 1: Online coding round: This round was of 70 minutes and there was 3 coding question to be solved in 70 minutes. one question… Read More
Round 1 (Online Coding): The first round was held at Cocubes platform and 3 coding questions were given to us to solve in a duration… Read More
Paytm visited our campus for hiring 2021 pass outs for the post of QA Engineer. The eligibility criteria were as following: 10th and 12th: 60%… Read More
I was interviewed on 11/11/2020. Overall, there were 4 rounds- 1 online coding round, 2 technical rounds, 1 technical + Managerial round. All the rounds… Read More
Total number of rounds: 4 1st Round: 1Hr Online test, 3 coding questions were there, level: easy to medium, algorithmic problems. 2nd Round: One to… Read More
The process consisted of 4 rounds: Online Test Technical Interview I Technical Interview II Technical + HR Online Test (70 min): This test had 3… Read More
I hope Everyone must have heard about Paytm. To get more information visit https://paytm.com/ Online Coding Round(70 minutes): There were 3 coding problems  Based on… Read More
First Round (Coding Round): Online Coding Test on COCUBES containing 3 coding questions and the duration was 70 minutes. Operations in the binary string.  (No… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to segregate even and odd numbers. Print all even numbers first, and then odd numbers.… Read More
I was contacted by PayTm recruiter, Noida office for Software Developer. I was interviewed by an SDE-II from the payments team, where they wanted the… Read More
Round 1: Given a string of 1’s and 0’s Score is calculated as {1’s in left part + 0’s in right part} Compute the largest… Read More
There were 4 rounds Round 1 (Online Coding round): The time duration for this round was 70 mins. Paytm conducted online coding round on 2020-08-20… Read More
Round 1: Online Assessment, 3 coding questions: Given an Array and a digit k, return the number with maximum occurrence of digit k. Check if… Read More
Online Coding Round | Time: 70 minutes | 3 Coding Questions Was based on Number System. Counting the number of minimum currency required for given… Read More