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Synopsys Interview Experience | Set 9

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Interview rounds and the overall process for this company is not constant for every candidate. It entirely depends on your 1st technical round.Hence, I am sharing based on my experience.

My resume was shortlisted and I got a call from the team manager.He asked some questions on my resume and started firing questions on OOPS. He was checking whether I have a good grasp on object oriented language or not. This was kind of a screening round for the further technical round. If he is satisfied with your answers then there is a scope for a technical round by one of his team members.

Technical Round ( Skype with code share )

This round was purely based on C++ and data structures.The core tech of the organization is C++, so they expect you have a deep understanding of C++ language from Pointers, STL, OOPS Concepts etc.  Few questions of this round were:

1) Time complexity and implementation of vector functions such as erase, pushback, clear etc.
2) Void pointer and its advantages. How can you create generic functions using void pointer.
3) Memory allocation of vector and array. Advantages of vector over array with example.
4) Do Function overloading expects the same return type or not ?
5) Polymorphism concepts.
6) Basics of graphs and its relation with greedy algorithm.

Well, The summary is you need to have your basics strong in DS and C++. This questions may seem easy but trust me, when you are having a 30 mins discussion on a simple vector erase functions, you can’t escape out easily.

If everything goes well, manager will schedule a HR Round or 1 more technical round based on your feedback. I was which is kind of a formality. You just need to show your interest in the organization. Expect questions on your current CTC and expected as well.

Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2018
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