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Synopsys Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus for R&D Engineer)

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Recently Synopsys ( Bangalore Center ) visited our campus for recruitment for Research and Development profile and Software Integration profile.
Here is my interview experience.

Round 1 (Written test)
It consisted of 36 MCQs to be solved within 1 hour .
First section consisted of Quantitative, analytical aptitude questions (probability,logical reasoning).
Second section consisted of coding questions , finding output (mainly pointer related, structure related)
Third section had Digital electronics (CMOS, power dissipation problem, K-MAP , fllip-flop).
MCQ were of 1,2 and 3 marks , wrong ans 50% negative, SO ONLY ATTEMPT IF YOU CAN SOLVE IT OR KNOW IT ,wrong guess work may result in low marks.

Round 2 (Technical Interview )
14 people selected from 100 for this round.
Interviewer asked me to introduce myself and this interview was mainly related to OS related stuffs.

1. What are the stages of compilation , explain how every step works.

2. She asked me about static and shared library and the differences between them and told to write one library of my own and how static libraries are set up

3. How many processors and cores and sub processes running how to find out using application (in windows) , using command (in linux)
Here I answered Ill use Windows task manager to find out ๐Ÿ˜› but she said they show us the main processes and she wants to see all the sub processes too

4. What are the main environment variables we use and what is ldpath ?

5. What debugging tools I have used till now and how debugging works internally? and asked me few question on gdb

6. What does loader and linker do and in which part of memory everything is stored

7. Asked me to write a code of checking string is palindrome or not ๐Ÿ˜€

Then some normal questions like

Why do we do coding? Basic necessities of coding , Asked me to explain my internship project (done in Samsung R&D) .What are the web development works you have done till now

After the 1st Interview round, 6 candidates were shortlisted for 2nd interview .

Round 3 (Technical Interview )
For the first half an hour interviewer asked me different pointer related question , I dont remember all .

1. Started with difference between

    int *p[10];
    int (*p)[10];

2. Dynamically allocate 2D array , array of strings , array of pointers (all using malloc and new both)

3. He asked to explain all the question related to pointer that came in written test.

4. Told me to write push and pop of stack using linked list.

5. Array of infinite numbers containing 0 and 1 , find out the transition point of 0 becoming 1 in O(logn) time. (code needed)

6. A path finding question using basic BFS (code needed)

7. Detailed discussion on polymorphism (virtual functions, why use, abstract class use , working of virtual table , operator overloading) with example

8. BST application and finding the minimum value node in there (code needed)

9. Difference between Sequential and combinational circuit and some questions regarding that

10. Function of clk in D-flip flop and some flipflop related question.

11. Use of NAND gate in real life and XOR using NAND.

Lastly asked me if i have already any offer and if I am willing to learn some electronics related work in future for Program synthesis (since I am an IT student )

Again after this round 3 candidates were shortlisted.
They were supposed to take more interviews but they said they do not need it anymore and these 3 candidates were given the offer ๐Ÿ˜€

Tips: Be prepared properly , They can just ask you anything from anywhere , not necessarily from academic topics always .
Thanks a lot to , this is the one of the most important reason of my success ๐Ÿ™‚
All the very best! Keep faith in yourself and work hard!

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Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2017
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