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Synopsys Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus for R&D Engineer)

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Recently Synopsys ( Noida Center ) visited our campus for recruitment for Research and Development profile and a cg cut of 8.5 was enforced .

Round 1 (Written test)

A written test was conducted which included 4 sections of 10 questions each followed by 1 subjective coding question.

Section A : Had questions ranging from Quantitative,analytical and Logical Reasoning.

Section B : Questions from Digital electronics(counters,flip flops etc) , Micro processors and Computer System Architecture .

Section C : 10 questions from Operating System.

Section D : C/C++ output based questions .

1 Subjective coding question :

Write a method which accepts 2 Integer Arrays and their size N . Element B[j] for j=0..N should be equal to product of all the elements A[i] i=0..n such that i!=j .Eg : A : {2,5,4,10} B should be {200,80,100,40 }.
Time Complexity O(N)

Though question was simple just make sure it was bug free and make sure to take care of special cases like division by zero etc .

9 students were shortlisted for interviews after this round

Round 2 (Technical Interview )

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself followed by basic Object oriented Programming questions .

1. Difference between procedural and Object Oriented programming .
2. Advantages of OOP over structural programming.
3. Derive an upper bound for height of a balanced binary tree with N Nodes.
4. Why do we require Balanced BSTs ?
5. Program to check whether a BST is balanced or not .
6. State some Applications of Balanced BST .
7.Explain Memory leakage and Dangling Reference .How they differ from each other ?
8.What is Singleton design pattern ?
9.Implement a Singleton class and some application where it is implemented .
10.Explain what is Object Slicing.
11. Explain what is Virtual table.
12. Is virtual function by default a method stub in c++ ?

Thereafter the interviewer asked me if i was familiar with STL of C++ . I prefer to code in Java so i told him how Collection class in java suits this purpose .

13.What is a HashMap and how does it works internally ?
14.Difference between C++ and Java .
15.How objects are allocated in java .
16. Where are static variables stored in memory.
17.What is Cache ?
18.What is Cache Coherence ?
19.What is Virtual Memory ?
20. Explain Thrashing (In context to page faults) .

After the very 1st interview round the interviewer was really impressed by me . However he said that you won’t fit in our company because you prefer to code in java . So somehow i was able to convince him that I would just fit in . (Syntax of Java is similar to C++ and the fact that I learned C and C++ prior to Java ).

After the 1st Interview round 4 candidates were shortlisted .

Round 3 (Technical Interview )

This was the 2nd interview round . The guy straight away asked about my interests to which i replied Data structures and Analysis and Design of Algorithms.

1. What is Heapify operation ,Percolate Up and Percolate Down ?
2. Implement Heapify operation .
3. Implement Insert operation for Max-Heap .
4. You are given n elements find the upper bound for inserting the n elements in the heap.
5. Multiply a number by 7 without using *, / operator or loop .

I wrote all the methods he asked and he was really impressed 🙂 .

Thereafter he asked some simple puzzles .

6. What is the maximum score a Batsman can score in a cricket match.
7. The famous prisoner Hat puzzle . (I told him that i had solved this earlier ) .

In the end he asked some questions from Operating System and Compute System Architecture .

8. Explain types of Interrupts .
9.What is pooling ?
10.If Cache is so fast why not eliminate Main memory and have a Cache memory by itself
11. What is a micro controller ?

Apart from the last question i was able to answer all the questions 🙂

Then he asked me about my AIEEE (JEE Mains Rank) , i told him how ours was the first batch where boards were also taken into consideration and how just because of boards my rank fell sharply .
The Interviewer was alumni of the same college so he had a friendly chat there onwards He told me what all had changed in the campus along with his experiences in college .

Again after this round 2 candidates were shortlisted for the final HR rounds .

Round 4 ( HR Interview 1 )

The same guy who took Technical Interview 1 took HR .
1. Asked about my family background .
2. Tried to put pressure on me convincing that i wont be able to adapt in the company environment (Because of C++ Java issue , the company requires you to code in C++ there.)
3.What are in hot topics in Technical World ?
4. Any Future Plans to study ?
5. Why settle for a job right now ?
6. Any problem coming to Noida ?

Round 5 ( HR Interview 2 )

As i entered the room the guy was standing , we shook hands and he started the interview .

1. He asked me about how the technical interviews went ?
2. He asked me the explain the projects written in my CV .
3. How have u applied engineering via these projects ?
4. What new have you implemented at your end in these projects ?
5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
6. Any future plans to study abroad ?
7. He saw in my CV ,in the interests section : Weight Training (Bodybuilding) and had a discussion over this topic for next 10 minutes , What is my current program and diet and for how long i have been lifting , what is your body fat percentage etc..
8.He asked if i already had any other offer .
9.How long do you think you will stay in this organisation ?
10. Why choose Synopsys over the other company(from which i already got an offer) ?

I would like to convery a big thanks to Geeksforgeek team . This site and interviewbit are the sole reason for my success. Keep up the good work fellas . Thank u sooo much 🙂

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Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2016
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