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Synopsys Interview Experience | Set 4 (For R&D Engineer I)

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Recently, I was interviewed for Synopsys (R&D Engineer I). There were two telephonic rounds followed by 5 F2F rounds.

1st round(Phone Screen):
1 .Reverse a linked list recursively.
2. Find the height of a binary tree.
2. Write a binary tree 7to a file .Read a binary tree from a file.

2nd round(Phone Screen ) :
1. Print a number without using printf. Recursive solution for the same.
2. Given a value N, if we want to make change for N cents with the minimum number of coins, and we have infinite supply of each of S = { S1, S2, .. , Sm} valued coins, what will be the minimum value ?
3. What is an expression tree. How to store an expression in expression tree. Write a code to evaluate an expression tree.

3rd round (F2F):
1. Check whether a binary tree is BST.
2. Given a 2D array having 0s and 1s where all 0s in each row preceed before all 1s. Find a row having max nos of 1s .
Find the most optimal solution. Derive the time complexity.

4th round (F2F):
1. Concepts of reference and pointers.
2. Virtual function concepts.
3. Given a chess board and a location in the chess board as an integer find the next possible moves of a knight.
4. Design a 5 bit counter.
5. Given a BST find the kth largest element.
6. Given an unsorted array create a BST.

5th round (F2F):
1. Why do you want to switch ?
2. Copy a Linked list to a new location.
3. Virtual pointer and virtual function concepts.
4. How it achieves run time polymorphism ?
5. Give examples of compile time polymorphism .
6. LCA of BST and binary tree.
7. Given an array containing 0s and 1s sort it in most efficient way.
8. Questions about templates.

6th round(F2F):
1. Questions about projects in the current company.
2. Details about the college project.
3. Write a code for BFS of a graph.
4. Write it recursively.
5. Derive the time complexity.

7th round (F2F):
1. Given an array in sorted order and a sum. Check whether the sum of any two elements in the array is equal to the given sum.
2. Use of stacks and queues in computer science application.
3. Detail discussion about the stack management while function call.
4. Given a string count the number of substrings that starts with a and ends with b.
5. Detail discussion about Virtual function concepts.
6. Given two integers which can be represented as 32bit numbers and a start index and an end index, copy the bits of one integer to another within the given start and end index.
7. Design a stack such that we can get the maximum element in o(1) at any point of time.

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Last Updated : 14 Jun, 2015
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