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Synopsys (Atrenta) Interview Experience | Set 7
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2017

Round 1: [Manager]
1) Showed code in his PC, how to optimise the given code
2) Program crashing before main() is called, what can be probable causes?
3) when does segmentation fault occurs..
4) which type of error can be cause by overwriting any allocated memory. Purpose of stl[array, list, maps, sets]. why they are used [some basic os concepts], complexities
current project, anhy typical problem faced etc…

Round 2: [Coding]

N ranges are given , give which number is repeated maximum times

Round 3: [Coding]
Design a compiler which can detect the circular inclusion of header files.
How to represent a large number[100 digits], convert a large number into binary, provide bits in a particular ranges[eg but 45 to 78] for a 200 digit number
RTTI, typeinfo, dynamic cast, why is dynamic cast expensive

Round 4: [Director]

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