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Symantec Interview | Set 2

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Hi, Recently I was interviewed by Symantec.

Round 1, Telephonic, 1 Hour
1) Project related stuff from current company and from internship, all the questions were from Resume itself.
2) OOPS using C++, was asked almost everything from definition of class to pure virtual functions.
3) Basic Linux commands
4) General bootup process when computer is turned ON.

Round 2, Online(Screen shared), 1.5 Hours
1) Function to reverse a string.
2) How to implement fopen, fseek and other file handling functions in Linux, went to discuss various techniques and various constraints like handling a large file.(Almost discussed it for 50 mins)
3) Converting a number from one base to another, like decimal to hex, binary to hex etc etc

Round 3, Online(Screen shared), 1.5 Hours
1) How to handle the case when we have a if statement in the macro.
3) calX(n) = calX(n-1)*calX(n-2)+calX(n-3), for n > 3
    calX(n) = n, for n<=3
    Upto what value of n we can find the correct value of calX(n) in C++
4) Hex representation of -17
5) Xor of 0xFE and 0xEF
7) Basic questions on networking like:-
    a) IP address, Static IP, Dynamic IP
    b) DHCP, TCP, UDP
    c) HTTP, Subnet Mask
8) Number of nodes having NULL children in binary tree with N nodes and reason for this value.

Round 4, Online(Screen shared), 1 Hour 40 Mins
1) Design a class Elevator, should be scalable.
2) Lot of concepts of C++ and comparison with C
3) Same question from Round 3, about the if statement in Macros
4) One line codes, which can cause runtime exceptions
5) Design Patterns(Strategy, Observer and Singleton)

Round 5, Telephonic, 35 mins, Director of Engineering
1) Brief intro about projects.
2) Discussion about my future interests.
3) Where do I see myself, 5 years from now.
4) Cloud computing
5) What was the hardest challenge I faced in my current project
6) Which all software practices that I follow in my current project

After this I got a mail from HR, that I was not selected.

It was a sad but nice experience.

I thank geeksforgeeks which helped a lot in my preparation.

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Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2015
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