Symantec Interview Experience Pune

Round 1:Online Test

The Online round was hosted by HackerRank. There was a total of 22 questions. The time given was 1 ½ hours. Every correct answer carried 1 mark and every wrong answer carried -1 mark.
Out of the 22 questions, 20 questions were MCQ which covered topics like C/C++, Java, Data Structures, Algorithms, OS, aptitude, etc.

Round 2:Technical Round

  1. In technical round first they ask the question from the online test data(Round 1).
  2. After then ask the question from the resume according to your technical skills
  3. Java basic concepts (Polymorphism, Singleton Class, Abstraction)
  4. Create Program for Print the characters & count of that character in that string if it more then 1 But solve the question using Collection.
  5. Sort the Collection data which is in list(id, fname, lname, sal, location)
  6. After then Networking knowledge should be more & in deep (how the port works, how website communicate with the server, etc.)
  7. Ask questions from our project which you done or mention in resume
  8. can we run 2 server on one machine (Explanation)

Round 3:HR Round

  1. In this round there is general discussion
  2. Tell me about yourself
  3. Brief Explain to your project
  4. Interested field or area
  5. Your Hobbies

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