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Swiggy Interview Experience for SDE-II

  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021

I applied on LinkedIn for Swiggy SDE-II (R&G). Got the first round link – Hackerrank after 9-10 days.

Round 1(Online Coding): HackerRank

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3 Questions were asked in this round and time limit was 75 minutes. All the 3 questions were hard.

  1. Flexible Strings

    Given a string abccc, Given are below operations

    b can be replaced by c

    a can be replaced by b

    Can the given string converted to all of the same charcters? The string abccc can be converted to ccccc by following operations:

    Convert b at index 1 to c

    Convert a at index 0 to b

    Convert b at index 0 to c

    The given operations can be performed infinite number of times on the string. We need to find whether the string can be converted to a string containing all same characters. Note : the operations can be performed in any order and any number of times.

    Example 1:
    Input : String - abccc
    Operations -
    b --> c
    a --> b
    Output - YES
    Example 2: String - abcdc
    b --> c
    a --> d
    Output - NO
  2. Programming Contest

    A programming organization is planning a contest for several programmers, each of which has a certain rating. (The higher the rating, the better the programmer.) Each programmer is paired with another programmer, and the difference between their ratings is referred to as the “bias amount”. Given the ratings of all the programmers in the contest, what is the minimum total bias amount that can be achieved by optimally planning the programmer pairs? [ Some modification in this problem]

  3. Maximum Swiggy Genie 

    This sum is a variation of Maximum Profit in Job Scheduling

    Given 3 arrays called as pickup, drop and tip. find the max profit the delivery guy can earn. The guy can only process one delivery at a time.

    E.g he gets profit of 5 - 0 + 1 = 6
    6 units if delivers the 1st order
    pickup: [0,2,9,10,11,12]

Verdict :Rejected

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