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Swiggy Interview Experience for SDE-1

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Status: A backend developer with 2+ years of experience in a service-based company.

Position Interviewed for Swiggy SDE1

Location: Bangalore (Interviews were completely virtual)

Month: January 2021

Application Process:

Applied in LinkedIn.

Round 1: (Online coding)

  • Conducted in Hackerrank platform.
  • Duration: 1.5 hrs.
  • Question 1: Some array-based questions.
  • Question 2: A string is given and we have to reverse the string in such a way that each word are at the same position and it should be reversed For example if input string is ” do coding from geeksforgeeks” then the output string will be “od gnidoc morf skeegrofskeeg”.
  • Question 3: A square matrix is given and we have to rotate that matrix element with 90 clockwise and print the output matrix.

After 2 days, I got call for the interview.

Round 2: (Machine coding round)

  • Duration: 3 hrs.
  • This round is essentially about resolving a real-world design problem. The task assigned to me was to create a calendar application that schedules meetings, displays different users’ calendars, and allows users to accept or reject meetings. It’s similar to creating a Google Meet calendar.
  • There was an interviewer available. He was extremely helpful, and he even extended the duration because this round was only blocked for an hour.
  • At the end of two hours, I had not completed all seven of the requirements given to me, but he looked into my design further and also asked my design for the remaining requirements that I had not completed. We had a good discussion about various extra requirements that lasted about an hour.
  • The code should be working at the end without any errors.
  • I had the next round on the same day.

Round 3: (Data structures and algorithms)

Round 4: (Hiring Manager round)

  • Duration: 1 hr.
  • He asked me about the specifics of my project and we had a few discussions about it. He asked few questions on my technical skills that I have mentioned on my resume & also the best practices and few behavioral questions.
  • It was more like a conversation more than an interview.

Following that, I had a phone call with HR. I won’t consider it a new round, but we discussed the package and other benefits, as well as a few questions. HR had been extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He kept me up to date on my feedback in each round, which was beneficial.

General Thoughts:

  • The interviewers and HR team were so friendly, and the interviews were extremely well organized.
  • Writing clean code, such as relevant variable naming, reusability, and so on, was expected.
  • The project details and technologies mentioned in the resume were questioned in depth.
Last Updated : 30 Apr, 2021
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