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Swap Column Values in SQL Server
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2020

Introduction (Swap Column Values in SQL Server) :
If you are a developer and have learned the programming languages, you might think that you will need a third variable or another temporary storage location to swap the values. Here, as you are a SQL Server DBA, you can simply swap them using a single update statement.

Example and Application features :
It happens that SQL user might enter incorrect values in the database columns, the next task is to swap those values.

Syntax :
Syntax to write a query to swap column values in SQL server.

UPDATE [tablename]
SET [col1] = [col2],
   [col2] = [col1]

Let us suppose we need to swap columns in any table in the SQL server.

Example –
Let us suppose we have below the table “geek_demo”.

Select * from geek_demo ;

Output :


Now, to update the column or to swap the column used the following query given below.

UPDATE [geek_demo]
SET [FirstName] = [LastName], 
[LastName] = [FirstName]

Now, let’s see the output.

Select * from geek_demo ;

Output :

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