Sustainable development with 5G/IOT

5G wireless technology is finally becoming a reality. It will provide higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, better reliability than its preceding generations, unimaginably low latency, an appreciably huge network capacity, and a more uniform user experience. 5G will eventually replace our 4G LTE connections as it is obviously faster than them.

5G is definitely going to have a huge impact on the Internet of things (IoT). The work which is currently being carried out by sensors will be done by 5G driven smart devices with a much better latency than sensors and therefore it will lead to a noticeable decrease in the number of devices we require right now for a particular job. These devices will be able to connect to single base station.

Everything that can be connected will be connected.

The 5G revolution has already begun. It makes possible for us to research in fields that haven’t been touched yet. The world today needs green technologies because the present condition of the environment is hidden from no one. When we use 5G in our IoT devices, there will be less heat dissipation to the environment as a very fast speed, high efficiency and quality outputs can be achieved using lesser number of devices. Digital technologies such as 5G and IoT are predicted to reduce global emissions by up to 15% in the coming decade which will be critical in combating climate change. IoT will facilitate embedding sensors and software and will eventually lead to compact business models.

Smart sustainable systems will find applications in traffic management, detection of water wastage, smart(green) buildings, etc. Some would propose that the frequency range used in 5G is unsafe but if we really check the history of the technology world, we will realize that we have been using such frequencies for years. Completely replacing 4G LTE will take a lot of time and efforts and obviously money. This the biggest drawback as for now.

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