Sunquest-Atlas On-campus SDE Interview Experience

Round 1:Written Test 1

The first round of assessment was a written test with 60 mcq (30 aptitude and 30 technical). We were given 1 hr to complete the test. The aptitude questions were very easy and the technical questions have code snippets and basic technical on c, java, c# etc, .

Out of 510 candidates, nearly 300 students were selected for next round.

Round 2:Written Test 2

The second round was also an written test. This test also contains 60 technical mcq which contains questions form c, c++, java, html, java script, c#, computer networking, operating systems etc, . The time duration for the test is 40 mins.

Out of 300 students only 90 were selected to next round.

Round 3:Essay Writing

The next round was an essay writing assessment. This was not a  elimination round. We were given 30 mins to write an essay about any one of the projects have we have done in our academic years. All the students appeared for this was selected to the  technical interview round.

Round 4:Technical Interview

The technical round happened next day. There were two interviewers to assess this round. First question was tell me about yourself?. After which he asked some basic technical questions on c, java, data structures. After that they tested my coding skills by giving some basic problems and said to solve it using any programming language of our own interest.

After which they announced our results. Out of 90 only 35 were shortlisted for next round. I was not selected for hr round.

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