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SUBSTRING() Function in SQL Server

  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020

The SUBSTRING() function extracts a substring starting from a position in an input string with a given length. In the case of substring, you need an input string and need to mention the starting point and the total length of the string.

Input  : String, start, length
output : substring.

Syntax :

SUBSTRING(input_string, start, length);

Parameter :
SUBSTRING function accepts three-parameter like String, start, length. Let’s have a look.

  • input_string –It can be a character, binary, text, ntext, or image expression.
  • start – It is an integer defining the location where the returned substring starts. The first position in the string is 1.
  • length – It is a positive integer that specifies the number of characters to be returned from the substring.

Returns :
It returns a substring with a specified length starting from a location in an input string.

Example-1 :
Using SUBSTRING() function with literal strings.

SELECT SUBSTRING('SQL In Geeksforgeeks', 7, 18 ) 
AS ExtractString;

Output :


Example-2 :
Using SUBSTRING() function with table columns.

Table -Player_Details

45Rohit SharmaMumbai
18Virat KohliBangalore
7MS DhoniChennai
33Hardik PandyaMumbai
42Sikhar DhawanDelhi
SELECT SUBSTRING(PlayerName, 1, 5) AS ExtractString
FROM Player_Details;

Output :

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