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Subjectwise Important Topics for GATE 2020 Computer Science

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 26 Jan, 2020

As you know, few days remaining for the GATE 2020 exam and undoubtedly, your preparation for the same must be going with all enthusiasm. But… why are you here on this page? Yes, we know you are now looking for those topics which are most important for the examination and need to be covered these days. So, we are providing here all the Important Topics for the GATE 2020 to boost up your preparation.


Suppose, if you are left with only a few minutes in an exam and you have to answer 5-6 questions. In this situation, despite knowing answers for all these 5-6 questions, you will go for those which have more weightage. Similarly, these days for the GATE 2020 preparation are very crucial and you must cover all those important topics which are more likely to come or have more weightage. Below are the most important topics listed subject-wise for GATE 2020.

1. Mathematics

Mathematics has around 15% weightage in the GATE exam. Being good in Mathematics is a great advantage for the preparation of other technical subjects too. Solve as much practice questions as you can. Also, revise all the formulas on regular basis. Important topics from Mathematics are listed below:

The topics – Linear Algebra, Probability & Mathematical Logic are easy to score and have a total weightage of 8-9 marks as per last year’s exam.

2. Algorithms

Algorithms have around 8% weightage in the GATE exam. Along with studying algorithm techniques, also focus on the time and space complexity. Important topics from Algorithms are listed below:

The questions based on finding the time complexity of a given code are more likely to come. Also, topics like Greedy Algorithms and Graphs are easy to score.

3. Programming and Data Structures

It is the core of the Computer Science, so the basics of Programming and Data Structures must be cleared to you. It has around 10-11% weightage in the GATE exam. Important topics from Programming and Data Structures are listed below:

Programming concepts must be revised properly as in GATE 2019, questions for 4 marks are covered from pointers, array & function call.

4. Operating Systems

It has around 9% weightage in the GATE exam. Study the concepts thoroughly however, there are higher chances for numerical questions to come from this subject. Important topics from Operating Systems are listed below:

In GATE 2019, 1 question from demand paging, 2 questions from deadlock and 1 question from disk scheduling were asked. So, revise these topics properly.

5. Databases

It has around 7-8% weightage in the GATE exam. Databases are somewhat easier in comparison to other subjects, so try to score more in this subject. Important topics from Databases are listed below:

The maximum no. of questions are generally asked from SQL Queries, Normalization and Relational Database. Also, these are easy to score.

6. Computer Networks

Computer Networks has around 7-8% weightage in the GATE exam. Although, Computer Networks is a time taking subjects as there are various protocols, numerical, algorithms, etc. Important topics from Computer Networks are listed below:

Numericals based on subnetting are generally asked in the exam and are also easier to score.

7. Computer Organization and Architecture

It has around 9% weightage in the GATE exam. The questions are quite tricky in this subject, so there is a need of a lot of practice for different types of questions. Important topics from Computer Organization and Architecture are listed below:

Questions from Addressing Modes, Memory management and Pipelining are generally asked having weightage of 3-4 marks.

8. Theory of Computation

Theory of Computation has around 7-8% weightage in the GATE exam. Clear the basic concepts and practice as many questions as you can of NFA to DFA Conversion, Regular Expressions, etc. Important topics from Theory of Computation are listed below:

Also, note that Finite Automata occupies approximately 50% of questions from the Theory of Computation, so it must be covered priorly.

9. Compiler Design

It has around 3% weightage in the GATE exam. Students must cover the basics of all the topics as in Compiler Design each topic is linked to another topic. Important topics from Compiler Design are listed below:

You must cover Parsing and all its techniques (LL(1), LR(1), SLR, LALR, CLR) as at least one question comes every year from this topic.

10. Digital Logic

Digital Logic has around 5-6% weightage in the GATE exam. Digital logic contains simple questions (not that much tricky) and by practice, the questions can be solved efficiently. So, try to score more here. Important topics from Digital Logic are listed below:

Last year, 7 marks questions were asked from Logic gates, Complement System & Boolean algebra (K – Map). So, don’t forget to revise these topics.

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