Subex Interview Experience

Round 1: Online test consisting of 2 coding problems and MCQ on C++ and data structure and some aptitude questions

Round 2: Since they are hiring for java and c++ developers.. I said am good in c++..then she started to ask questions on c++..she started with oops concepts and she asked mainly on polymorphism(run time and compile time) and virtual function, abstraction, pure virtual function, copy constructor, some application-level SQL questions and some queries and she started to ask questions on data structures such as left queue BST and print the longest path in the tree and given an array of elements and tell me to sort the array in space complexity of o(1) and finally one logical puzzle .

Round 3: It is technical and hr round the interviewer given  one code and  asked me what is the output it is based on function overriding and asked some my sql queries top 3 employee from the employee table and asked about diamond problem and differences between overloading and overriding  and ask me to how to find time taken to run the sql queries and on threading and some hr questions.

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