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Stuck in Programming: Get The Solution From These 10 Best Websites

Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2019
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Cheating in programming is acceptable. If you are stuck in your code, google it or try to find the answer from other resources. It’s a smart way to learn from each other.

Getting stuck in programming is quite normal for all the developers. Most of the beginners and even experienced programmers take help from some resources but that doesn’t mean they are dumb or bad programmers. When you take help from some other resources it makes you a better programmer and a good debugger as well. Every programmer should check all these websites where people ask tricky programming questions, give solution and help each other.


We are going to list out some websites where you can find the solution for your programming question if you get stuck in coding. These websites are really good for programmers when they don’t know what to do next if an issue is not resolved.

1. StackOverflow

Every programmer is thankful for this website because it has been a savior for them since 2008. Stackoverflow is the largest and most popular community among developers. More than 50M users are registered on this site and helping each other. You can simply sign up here, ask questions (following some rules mentioned by them) and also give the solution for tricky programming questions asked by other developers. You can find problems related to different programming languages, platforms, programming tools, and services. Most of the programmers get solutions for their programming related questions on this site.

2. Reddit

This site should be on your list if you want to check out some programming related problems. Reddit has several communities for discussion on various topics that also include programming, technology, tools or other computer science fundamentals. You just need to simply create your account there and join the group. You can participate in discussions or submit your question. Make sure that you read FAQs before submitting a post.

3. Quora

Quora is the most popular question and answer website which is open for all the users to share knowledge, ask questions and give solutions. A lot of tech giants and experts have an account on quora who can guide programmers and solve their problems. You will find the majority of answers given by experts from their field. If you are looking for the answer on a specific topic you can search that and view all the answers given by users. An upvote system to give or get an award if someone finds the answer useful and relevant for them. You can also check how many readers view your answers. This site is quite popular and a valuable resource for programmers, so sign up, ask questions, give solutions, learn and share your knowledge with others.

4. StackExchange

This one is again one of the best communities for developers to ask programming-related problems and get the solution. Around 174 community handles various topics such as game development, web development, programming puzzles, ask ubuntu, software engineering and a lot more. Specialists vote on posts for a relevant answer to ensure that the most useful solution can be easily found. Bookmark this site, sign up here, search for the query, ask questions or answer a query to help other programmers.

5. CodeProject

The site has more than 14M members registered on it. The site is very useful for beginner programmers as well as experienced to get all the news, information, data or source code related to programming. Topics have a separate forum and their discussion forum includes topics such as ASP.NET, Javascript, Java, C/C++, Database, Web Development and a lot more. You can share your thoughts, opinions and discuss the problems or solutions with other like-minded people. Once you create an account you can ask questions, participate in the discussion and get updates as well. The site is mainly divided into features, quick answers, discussion, article, community, newsletters and help section.

6. CodeRanch

One of the great resource for beginners as well as experienced programmers. If you are new to the programming you can learn Java, Android and iOS programming and several other topics also you can post your queries here on different topics. Their forum section is divided into the categories of Recent Topics, Hot Topics, Best Topics, and Flagged Topics. Their subforums include topics like programming languages, databases, computer engineering, Frameworks and a lot more. You can easily register here, join the forums, ask questions and give the solution of questions asked here.

7. Google Groups

As the name suggests this is the initiative of Google that allows people with a common interest to interact, discuss problems, solve the problems and help others. You can create your community or forum based on a specific programming topic and start a conversation with others. You can also join the other community for your programming related questions and discuss that with someone interested in the question or same topic.
Like the other website, it helps programmers to ask questions, share their ideas, suggestions and answer the query. Groups are divided into categories and subcategories like programming, games, artificial intelligence, graphics, operating systems, security, software, databases, internet and a lot more. Here you also need to create an account with google t join it and then you can search the group as per your interest.

8. Programmers Heaven

Not very popular but a good resource for developers to question and answer programming-related queries. They also have included multiple categories such as programming languages, game languages, applications, software development, operating systems and platforms, mobile & wireless, web development and a lot more. You can find the number of views and comments on each post on its discussion tab. Like all the above websites, here you also need to sign up to join the community and you can start discussions on various programming-related topics.

9. Chegg

It’s an educational website that helps students and programmers all over the world. This website is not completely free but allows you to ask 20 new questions every month for free. The site allows you to ask questions on various topics related to computer science like programming, algorithms, software design, database systems, operating systems and a lot more. You will be getting assistance from specialists around the world.
Chegg also offers services like online tutoring, homework help, Ren/Buy/Sell books, acquiring textbooks’ solutions, internships or career-related help and a lot more. You can sign up and get benefit from this website.

10. FindNerd

A very friendly website and social network for developers where you can get help related to programming. This site is a mix of freelance markets and learning forums. The site offers you to post questions and answer queries, create projects, find projects and allows you to collaborate with other programmers. You can easily register on this website and get relevant information from the tech community.

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