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Steps to Execute Solidity Smart Contract using Remix IDE

Last Updated : 17 Feb, 2023
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Remix IDE is generally used to compile and run Solidity smart contracts. Below are the steps for the compilation, execution, and debugging of the smart contract. 

Step 1: Open Remix IDE on any of your browsers, select on New File and click on Solidity to choose the environment. 

Remix IDE Startup Window

Step 2: Write the Smart contract in the code section, and click the Compile button under the Compiler window to compile the contract. 


// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0
pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
contract SolidityTest{
    uint a=10;
    uint b=12;
    uint sum;
    function getResult() public returns(uint){
        return sum;

Compile Code

Step 3: To execute the code, click on the Deploy button under Deploy and Run Transactions window. 

Deploy Code

Step 4: After deploying the code click on the method calls under the drop-down of deployed contracts to run the program, and for output, check to click on the drop-down on the console.

Output Window

Step 5: For debugging click on the Debug button corresponding to the method call in the console. Here you can check each function call and variable assignments. 

Debugging Code

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