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Steps to Configure Initial Router Settings

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  • Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2022
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Pre-requisite: Cisco Router basic commands.

Routing is the method of selecting a network packet path over the Internet or between or through multiple networks. Routing is conducted on many kinds of networks, including circuit-switched networks, such as public switched telephone networks (PSTN), and computer networks, such as the Internet.

In this article, we will see configure the router in  Cisco Packet Tracer.

Steps to Configure the Router:

Step 1. Open the packet tracer desktop and take a Router (2911) and PC0  from the devices.

Basic Configuration


  • Connect the router0 with PC0 with the help of a console cable.
  • Then, click on PC0 and go to the terminal, and type y.
  • Finally, we can configure the router with the help of a PC.

Step 2: Configure the Host name of the router0.

  • Click on PC0 and go to the terminal.
  • Then change the hostname to “r1”
router#conf t
router(config)#hostname r1

Step 3: Set a message of the day (MOTD) banner for the users.

r1(config)#banner motd $

then, enter MOTD and end it with ‘$’ to exit.

r1(config)#banner motd $
Enter TEXT message.  End with the character '$'.
Unauthorised access is stricltly prohibited

Step 4: setting up line control password and enable secret password

To configure the Line Control password and Enable secret follow the below commands:

r1#conf t
r1(config)#line con 0
r1(config-line)#password GFG123
r1(config-line)#enable password cisco
r1(config)#enable secret GFG@123
r1(config)#service password-encryption


Step 5:  Verifying password

  • When you try to log in first, it will ask for the line control password.
  • Then, to configure the terminal it will ask to enable a secret password.


To save the configuration use the below command:

r1#copy run startup-config
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