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Steps of Successful Delegation in Project Management

  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2021

Prerequisite : What do you mean by Delegation?

Steps of Successful Delegation :
Following are the Steps of Successful Delegation :

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1. Defining task :
First of all define the suitable task which is to be delegated. Does it meet the criteria for delegating?

2. Selecting the individual for delegation :
After defining the task next step is to select the individual or person for delegation. Also kept in your mind, what are your reasons for delegating to this person for task?

3. Check ability and training :
After defining and selecting the individual for the task. Next process is to check the person capable of doing the task? Do they understand what needs to be done?

4. Explain reasons for delegation :
Next step in delegation process is that you must explain why the job or responsibility is being delegated. What is its importance and relevance?

5. Examine required results :
In this step of delegation to check, what must be achieved? How will the task be measured? In this step of delegation, you make sure that they know how you intend to decide that the job is being successfully done.

6. Consider resource required :
In this step of delegation, we discuss and agree what is required to get the job done. In this, we consider all resources required for task like people, location, premises, equipment, money, materials and other related activities and services.

7. Deadline :
When must the job is finished? Or if an ongoing duty, when are review dates? When are the reports due?

8. Support and Communicate :
Think about who else needs to know what’s going an and inform them. Do not leave the person to inform your own peers of their new responsibility.

9. Feedback :
In this step of delegation, we get feedback on delegated task. It is essential to let the person know how they are doing and whether they have achieved their aims.

10. When to delegate :
When one is simply over burdened and cannot handle all the tasks in the required time, the work can be delegated to other individuals. When the job is so specialized that it is either not possible to build up the capability then it will be better delegation to delegate the task. When the work is not secret, and it is of routine nature then delegation will not cause problems.

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