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std::all_of() in C++

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2017

The C++ function is defined in <algorithm> library in STL. This function operates on whole range of array elements and can save time to run a loop to check each elements one by one. It checks for a given property on every element and returns true when each element in range satisfies specified property, else returns false.

template <class InputIterator, class UnaryPredicate>
bool all_of (InputIterator first, InputIterator last, UnaryPredicate pred);
first : Input iterators to the initial positions in a sequence.
last : Input iterators to the final positions in a sequence.
pred : An unary predicate function that accepts an element and returns a bool.

Exception : Throws exception if either predicate or an operation on an iterator throws exception.

// C++ code to demonstrate working of all_of()
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
#include <iostream>
int main()
    std::vector<int> v(10, 2);
    // illustrate all_of
    if (std::all_of(v.cbegin(), v.cend(), [](int i){ return i % 2 == 0; })) 
        std::cout << "All numbers are even\n";


All numbers are even

// C++ code to demonstrate working of all_of()
#include<algorithm> // for all_of()
using namespace std;
int main()
    // Initializing array
    int ar[6] =  {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, -6};
    // Checking if all elements are positive
    all_of(ar, ar+6, [](int x) { return x>0; })?
          cout << "All are positive elements" :
          cout << "All are not positive elements";
    return 0;


All are not positive elements

In the above code, -6 being a negative element negates the condition and returns false.

Useful array algorithms STL functions

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