Stayzilla Interview Experience | Set 1 (Off Campus)

 1st Round(Skype) 

  • URL Shortener
  • Stream coming coming in distinct element at any point
  • Linked list have a range and price as node. write a update function which divides the linked list acc into a new structure
  • POSTGreSQL indexing how would you implement it

2nd Round(Skype) 

  • Detect cycle in a directed graph
  • Zookeeper
  • Big Billion Sale DB Design POST Request and GET Request(Around latency and redis)

3rd Round(Call) VP 

  • Family background
  • Education background
  • Professional Background
  • Why looking for a change
  • why left first company
  • what do you look when going an organisation
  • Explained stayzilla
  • Any questions

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