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Static Websites

Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2022
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Static websites are the websites that doesn’t change the content or layout dynamically with every request to the web server. Static websites display exactly the same information whenever anyone visits it. User sees the updated content of Static Website only when a web author manually updates them with a text editor or any web editing tool used for creating websites. Static webpages do not have to be simple plain text. They can feature multiple design and even videos.

Features of Static Websites:

  • Static websites are the simplest kind of website that you can build.
  • Every viewer will see the exactly same text, multimedia design or video every time he/she visits the website until you alter that page’s source code.
  • Static websites are written with the help of HTML and CSS.
  • The only form of interactively on a static website is hyperlink.
  • Static website can be used for the information that doesn’t change substantially over months or even years.
  • Static pages are easy and simple to understand, secure, less prone to technology errors and breakdown and easily visible by search engines.
  • HTML was the first tool with which people had begun to create static web pages.
  • Static websites provide flexibility.
  • Lightweight .
  • Static websites perform faster and well than dynamic ones.

Advantages of Static Websites:

  • Static websites are highly cost-effective for publishing.
  • They require less coding and technical knowledge.
  • Static websites are easier to make.
  • Static websites are quick to develop.
  • Static websites are cheap to host.
  • A static website contains data which is immutable.
  • Static websites are beginner level. A programmer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can build static websites.
  • It’s easy to create and host online.
  • Static websites provide security.

Disadvantages of Static Websites:

  • Requires web development expertise to update site.
  • Site not as useful for the user.
  • Content can get stagnant.
  • Send the same response for every request.
  • Dynamic functionality works only on the client side.


In real problem static website are really useful . Most developer prefer static website as they are beginner level and interactive.

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