Static type in Cassandra

In this article, we will discuss a static column in which we will able to understand how the static column is useful and what is the actual role. Let’s have a look.

Static column:
In Cassandra Query Language (CQL) it is a special column that is shared by all the rows of a partition. the static column is very useful when we want to share a column with a single value.
In Cassandra query language static columns are only static within a given partition. The static column uses clustering columns and non-clustering column to declare the static column in table definition.

Let’s understand with an example.
Now, first, we are going to define the static column in a table.

create table bank_emp_record
Name text,
bank_name text static,
Id int,
primary key(Name, Id)

Now, we are going to insert data into the bank_emp_record table.

Insert into bank_emp_record(Name, bank_name, Id) 
values('Ashish', 'Employee bank', 101);

Insert into bank_emp_record(Name, bank_name, Id) 
values('Ashish', 'Employee bank change', 102);

Insert into bank_emp_record(Name, bank_name, Id) 
values('Ashish', 'Employee bank change new', 103); 


Here, Employee bank change new will finally updted and shared column value to the same static column.

Now, let’s consider if I don’t insert any value for bank_name then by default it will share the same value. let’s have a look.

Insert into bank_emp_record(Name, Id) 
values('Ashish', 104);

Insert into bank_emp_record(Name, Id) 
values('Ashish', 105);

In the above-given CQL query, we are using the BATCH statement to insert more rows in a table. Now, let see the final output of the table.

select * 
from bank_emp_record; 


To know about the restriction please follow the link given below to know what type of restriction when we create the static column and how we can use that properly Reference : DataStax

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