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Standard Organizations for Data Communications

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Data Communication refer as the exchange of  data between two devices via some form of Transmission media such as cable ,wire or it can be air or vacuum.


Standard Organizations for Data Communication :

1) International Standard Organization (ISO) – 
ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. It creates set of rules and standards for graphics , document exchange , data communication etc.

2) Consultative Committee for International Telephony and Telegraphy (CCITT) –
CCITT is now standard organization for the United States. CCITT developer’s recommended set of rules and standards for telephone and telegraph communication.

It has developed 3 set of specifications :

  • V Series for Modern Interfacing.
  • X series for Data Communication.
  • Q series for Integrated Services Digital Network(ISDN).

3) American National Standard Institute (ANSI) – 
ANSI is primary organization for fostering the development of technology standards in the United States and providing various set of rules and standard for  Data Communication.

4) Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) –
It is US based professional organization of electronic , computer and communication engineering. It provides various set of rules and standard in communication and networking field.

5) Electronic Industries Association(EIA) –  
This organization establish and recommends industrial standards. EIA has developed the RS(Recommended Standards) series of Standards for data and telecommunication.

6) Standard Council of Canada (SCC) –
It is an official Standard Agency for Canada . It has Similar responsibilities as ANSI has. 

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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