Standard Chartered Interview Experience

I attended an interview with Standard Chartered on 20th Oct 2019. I hold about 9 years of exp in java.

There is only one round that was the written round.

  1. Find the exact pair of the numbers in an array whose sum of values is equal to targets. Assume that there is only such a pair. This implementation needs to be done in O(n).
  2. Find the prime factors of the given number and the output should be as 15-> 5, 3 and 9->3*3
  3. Given the array of numbers with positive and negative values. Arrange them so that all negative values appear first and positive next without changing the relative order.
    input: [-15, -17, -2, 19, -34, 5, 19, 0]
    output: [-15, -17, -2, -34, 19, 5, 19, 0]

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