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Standard Chartered Coding Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020

On 21st August Standard Chartered came for campus placements as well as an internship. The test had 3 rounds on the first day and a coding test of the selected students on 22nd August followed by an interview to be held on 24th August. 

The Logical and Numerical Round was taken on Talentq Platform and the test was similar to the practice tests available. 

First round: It was a strength test in which there were 18 HR round-based questions with no time limit. In each of the questions, a practical situation was given with the 5 options in which we need to drag the option according to our priority and this round wasn’t an elimination round. 

Second round: It was a Logical Round and this was an elimination round and was similar to practice tests on talentQ .As soon as we finished the test, the report came on our mail and this round was a major shortlisting round with a cut off of 40 percentiles. 

Third Round: It was a Numerical Based round and was relatively tough and the time constraints added more complexity to this round. The list of selected candidates was then sent by Standard Chartered to our TPO. 

After this round 91 students were selected out of 487 students. For internships, 37 students were selected.

On 22nd August, we had a coding test on Techgig Platform, the questions were the relatively easy only problem was the platform since it allowed only one submission. There were two questions of 30 mins and 60mins each, and they were eliminatory as well.

  1. Number of matches required to find the winner.
  2. Maximum subset sum such that no two elements in set have same digit in them.

We are awaiting coding test results, then interviews will take place.

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