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Stack of Pair in C++ STL with Examples

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 25 Mar, 2020

Stack in STL Stacks are a type of container adaptors with LIFO(Last In First Out) type of working, where a new element is added at one end and (top) an element is removed from that end only.

Pair in STL The pair container is a simple container defined in header consisting of two data elements or objects. The first element is referenced as ‘first’ and the second element as ‘second’ and the order is fixed (first, second).

Stack of pair in STL: Stack of pair can be very efficient in designing complex data structures.


stack<pair<datatype, datatype>> stack_of_pair;

Below is an example to show the Stack of Pairs:

// CPP program to demonstrate
// the working of STL stack of pairs
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
// Print the current pair
void printPair(pair<int, int> p)
    cout << "("
         << p.first << ", "
         << p.second << ") ";
// Print the Stack of Pairs
void Showstack(stack<pair<int, int> > s)
    while (!s.empty()) {
    cout << '\n';
// Driver code
int main()
    stack<pair<int, int> > s;
    s.push({ 10, 20 });
    s.push({ 15, 5 });
    s.push({ 1, 5 });
    s.push({ 5, 10 });
    s.push({ 7, 9 });
    cout << "Stack of Pairs: ";
    cout << "\nSize of Stack of Pairs: "
         << s.size();
    cout << "\nTop of Stack of Pairs: ";
    cout << "\n\nRemoving the top pair\n";
    cout << "Current Stack of Pairs: ";
    return 0;
Stack of Pairs: (7, 9) (5, 10) (1, 5) (15, 5) (10, 20) 

Size of Stack of Pairs: 5
Top of Stack of Pairs: (7, 9) 

Removing the top pair
Current Stack of Pairs: (5, 10) (1, 5) (15, 5) (10, 20)

Below are the images to show the working of Stack of Pairs:

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