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ST Microelectronics Interview Experience | Set 1 (For Internship)

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Round 1:
Round 1 consists of written MCQs test (aptitude,UNIX, Technical(OOPS+C+JAVA+SQL)).Around 82 students gave this test out of which 34 got selected for the PIs.

  • This does had negative marking .

Round 2:
Round 2 was personal interview round.
I was the last candidate for the day and interviewer was a very humble and polite person and he started asking me questions from my CV.

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Function overloading in c++(First he asked me in which language i am comfortable and then asked this ques after i said c++)
  • Sorting a Linked List
  • Two SQL queries which consisted of JOINS and group by.
  •  About all types of keys in DBMS (super,composite,primary,candidate,unique).

Around 10 students got the offer and I was one of them.


  • Know everything you have written on your CV thoroughly.
  • Try to include your fav subjects in “Tell me about yourself question”.
  • Just be confident.
Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2017
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