SRI Delhi Interview Experience (On Campus for Software Engineer)

Round 1:
This was a 3 hr coding round which consisted of one coding question with 50 test cases.You were allowed to submit the code only for 10 times but you can run the code any number of times.The question was there are n balloons and each balloon is assigned with a particular number(point). Whenever a particular balloon is shot the no of points increases by
1.the multiplication of point assigned to balloon on left and that of right side.
2.point assigned to left if no right exists
3.point assigned to right if no left exists.
4.the point assigned to itself if no other balloon exists.
You need to pass all the 50 test cases for qualifying to the next round.

Practice link for the question is given below.

Sample Output:

Input : 1 2 3 4
Output :20

Input :1 2
Output :4

Around 22 students were selected for the second round.
Round 2: Technical Round
Interviewer asked me to introduce myself.He asked me questions regarding my projects and internship.He asked me what were my favorite subjects.I answered DS, Algo, dbms.He asked whether I was strong in microprocessor, computer architecture.I told him as I was from cse background I don’t know microprocessor completely.Then he asked questions on compiler design like phases of compilation of a program, what is process, divisions in a process.Then he went to OOPS.He asked what is polymorphism, what is operator loading, write an example for operator overloading, run time polymorphism, implement a circular queue code for enqueue and dequeue.He was mainly focusing on your subject knowledge.It lasted for around 40 minutes.

Be thorough with the subjects related to CSE and be confident.
Around 14 were selected for next round.
Round 3: HR Round
This interview was just like a discussion.Interviewer asked me questions like tell me about your family background,
why do you want to join Samsung are you joining for compensation, what are your interests, what are your strengths, what is jee rank, what are the companies which you have previously attended and why were you rejected. At the end interviewer asked me do you have any questions. I asked her what are technologies used in Samsung.She told the compensation details.
Just answer the questions confidently.
13 candidates were given the offer and I was one of them.

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