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SquadStack Interview Experience for Product Engineer
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020

I applied through SquadStacks’s job portal. And got a link for the first round in about 5 days. They took 5 rounds in total. Due to covid, all the rounds took place online.

Round 1: They send some introductory questions to know more about you and why you are applying to SquadStack. Answer honestly as they do some screening in this round too.
Round 2: After clearing the first round they will send you a link for coding questions. It took place on Hackerrank. There were 5 questions.  (2 implementations based, 2 dynamic programmings, 1 on Tree). The number of questions and weightage vary as some of my friends got only 3 questions.
Round 3: This round is taken by HR. This round is to know about you and your relevant experiences. You can ask any questions regarding the company too. HR tries to figure out whether you are fit for the role or not. She also makes you familiar with the role you have applied and the company’s culture.
Round 4: This is the Activity round. You will get the activity and the time given is about 4-6 hours. They asked me to design a Parking Lot System. Expected is to write clean code. Just being able to complete your activity doesn’t ensure your selection. They actually read your code and declare results accordingly.
Round 5: This is an on-premise round (due to covid these rounds were also taken place online). This round consists of 4 sub-rounds.

  1. Technical Screening: Questions in these rounds were mostly from web development. They will ask you to choose tech or language and will ask questions specifically from that part. Also, they ask some questions from DBMS too. 
  2. Problem Solving: This is a coding round. There were three questions in total. Questions were comparatively easy as compared to the coding round (Round 2). You should think out loud as they try to know how you approach questions.
  3. Bar Raiser: This is the System Design round. I had to design stack overflow. They keep on asking some conceptual questions in between as well. 
    Culture Fit: This round is mostly taken by one of the founders. They ask very general questions about you, your life, your reason to apply to Squadstack. 

Just prepare your resume well and work on your basics. Rest all will be easy to crack. All the best and luck!


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