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IN condition is an alternative to multiple OR conditions in SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement. The IN operator allows multiple values to be tested against the expression and thus reduces the use of multiple OR conditions with each test value.


expression IN (value1, value2, .... value_n);

1. expression : value/attribute to be tested.
2. value1, value2, .. value_n : The values to be tested against expression.


Creating Table GEEKS_6

Inserting values into Table GEEKS_6:

GEEKS_6 content:

Selecting multiple values using ‘OR’. Multiple OR’s have to be used for checking the expression.

The same query can be answered using ‘IN’ which reduces the number of times conditions have to be written and all test values are present at a single place.
IN Query:

Example 2 : Using ‘IN’ with two tables

Creating Table GEEKS_7:

Inserting values into Table GEEKS_7:

GEEKS_7 content:

Query: Find the common elements from two tables using ‘IN’

The inner query will be executed first and all the values in the ‘name’ column of Table Geeks_7 will be selected. Then the outer query will start executing and it will use the inner query values to filter out matching values.

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