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SQL Query To Show Top 5 Selling Products

  • Last Updated : 08 Oct, 2021

To display the top 5 selling products ORDER BY can be used with the  SELECT TOP clause. So let us see the SQL Query for Showing Top 5 Selling Products using ORDER BY and SELECT TOP clause using MSSQL as the server.

Step 1: We are creating a Database. For this use the below command to create a database named GeeksforGeeks.



Step 2: To use the GeeksforGeeks database use the below command.


USE GeeksforGeeks

Step 3: Now we creating a table. Create a table sales_details with  4 columns using the following SQL query.


CREATE TABLE sales_details(
item_id VARCHAR(20),
item_price INT,
items_sold INT

Step 4: Viewing the description of the table.


EXEC sp_columns sales_details

Step 5: The query for Inserting rows into the Table. Inserting rows into sales_details  table using the following SQL query.


INSERT INTO sales_details VALUES
('I4001',20000, 5000),
('I4098',1000, 10000),
('I4010',200, 800),
('I4056',30000, 100000),
('I4068',990, 780),
('I4072',10000, 9000),
('I4078',100000, 10),
('I4090',200000, 500)

 Step 6: Viewing the inserted data and order by descending order of the number of units sold.


SELECT * FROM sales_details  
ORDER BY items_sold DESC

Step 7: Query to find the top 5 selling products.


SELECT TOP N column_name 
FROM table_name ORDER BY column_name ordering_type


SELECT TOP 5  item_id , items_sold  
FROM sales_details ORDER BY  items_sold DESC


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