SQL Literals

There are four kinds of literal values supported in SQL. They are : Character string, Bit string, Exact numeric, and Approximate numeric. These are explained as following below.

  1. Character string :
    Character strings are written as a sequence of characters enveloped in single quotes. the only quote character is delineate at intervals a personality string by 2 single quotes. Some example of character strings are :

    • ‘My String’
    • ‘I love GeeksForGeeks’
    • ‘16378’
  2. Bit string :
    A bit string is written either as a sequence of 0s and 1s enveloped in single quotes and preceded by the letter ‘B’ or as a sequence of positional representation system digits enveloped in single quotes and preceded by the letter X’ some examples are given below :

    • B’10001011′
    • B’1′
    • B’0′
    • X’C 5′
    • X’0′
  3. Exact numeric :
    These literals ar written as a signed or unsigned decimal variety probably with mathematical notation. Samples of actual numeric literals are given below :

    • 8
    • 80
    • 80.00
    • 0.8
    • +88.88
    • -88.88
  4. Approximate numeric :
    Approximate numeric literals are written as actual numeric literals followed by the letter ‘E’, followed by a signed or unsigned number. Some example are :

    • 6E6
    • 66.6E6
    • +66E-6
    • 0.66E
    • -6.66E-8
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