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Sprinklr Placement Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 28 Jan, 2020
Geek Week

Online test:
Platform: Hackerearth.
Time: One hour-long.
No of Questions: Two coding questions of 100 marks each.
Difficulty: The level of the questions was moderate.
There were two rounds of interviews:
1. It was based on Permutation and Combination.
2. Median of running stream.
3. Variation of knapsack DP problem.

Round 1:
He also asked me to explain Virtual Memory and does it implemented.

Round 2:
1.Longest Palindromic Substring.
2.Check if an array is wave array. The question was further extended and I was asked to convert an array into a wave array.
3.Find the kth smallest element from a stream of numbers.
He also asked me various page replacement algorithms in OS.

No HR round was taken.

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