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Sprinklr Interview Experience | Set 4 (For SDET)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 May, 2018

Round 1:  First round was on HackerEarth consisting of MCQ’s (technical and aptitude both) with 2 coding questions.

  2. I don’t remember.

12 students were shortlisted and were called to their Gurgaon office.

Round 2: 

  1. OOP related questions (inheritance, polymorphism).
  2. Data Structure basic questions like linked list, doubly linked list, BFS, DFS, Trees.
  3. Find the height of node using 2 queues afterwards 1 queue.
  4. Spiral matrix
  5. Sort the array consisting 0’s and 1’s (minimum complexity).
  6. Find the subset of array consisting k sum.
  7. Hashing (project related)

Round 3:

More Array related questions from geeksforgeeks.

  1. Database queries (second max), view in database, etc.
  2. Given a scenario of a customer placing order on ecommerce site, invoice is generated. How to validate the invoice? Test cases for invoice validation.
  3. Project related questions on networking.
  4. Basic questions of ER diagram and asked to design a simple ER diagram of a company.

Round 4:

So far experience of previous rounds was asked. It was a puzzle round.

  1. Angle between minute hand and hour hand.

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