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Sprinklr Interview Experience | Set 3 (On Campus for FTE)

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Online Test: 720 points
The test was conducted on hackerearth platform, consisted of 2 sections.
Section 1: 120 points.
30 MCQs. Marking scheme: +4 -1
Some questions were subject related OS,CNS,DBMS. Some were from C,Java input output, basic concepts.
Others technical questions related to Trees, Graphs, sorting, etc.

Section 2: 600 points.
4 coding questions. 2 of 100 points, 2 of 200 points.
100 points: The question was similar to this one.
100 points: It was related to Math, modulus arithmetic. There were complicated expressions given to be evaluated, but if solved, they got reduced to a single expression. That was the catch in the problem. Otherwise, the solution would result in TLE.
200 points: Related to binary search.
200 points: Data was given. It had to be manipulated following given steps, and the output to be printed. Brute force did not work, gave result TLE.

Total 40 students were shortlisted for interviews after the online test.

Interview Round-1: Technical: 45-50 minutes
There were two interviewers.
The first interviewer looked at my resume, and asked questions related to my industrial internship.
He asked me about the course projects – Software Engineering project and Database project. Also asked questions about an App I had developed and written in the resume.

The second interviewer asked me about my approach to the coding questions in the online round, even about the ones I was not able to attempt.
Then, questions related to OS. Mainly scheduling and applications.
Then, 1 probability question. A few questions related to trees and sorting.

Interview Round-2: Technical: 45-50 minutes
There were two interviewers.
First I was asked about my industrial internship. Then, a couple of questions related to Java.
The first interviewer asked me the following question:
Given m,n dimensions of a 2D matrix; (i,j) initial co-ordinates; (x,y) final co-ordinates.
What is the probability of being at (x,y) after at most k steps if we start from (i,j) initially?
First, I thought about it and explained my approach. I was then asked to write a pseudo code on paper for the same. I explained the code and answered questions related to complexity of code, improvements.

The second interviewer asked me the following question:
If a user comes to you with a request to design a mobile for him, what will be your approach?
I was asked to explain whatever points I was saying, had to answer all the counter questions.

Interview Round-3: HR round: 25-30 minutes
This was a typical HR interview.
First I was asked to introduce myself. Questions related to my hobbies, my areas of interest.
Why Sprinklr?
Are you planning for further studies?
She told me things about the work environment in the company and the compensation policy.

At the end, total 13 students were selected.

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Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2017
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