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spongemock module in Python

  • Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2020

SpongeBob mocking text (spongemock) is a style of writing in which the alphabets are randomly written in upper and lower case. It is used in internet communities to mock something. The text originated as a meme from the SpongeBob cartoon series.

Examples :

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Input : The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Output : tHE QuiCK BrOWN fOX juMps over tHe lAzY dOG.

Input : This sentence is to test the function.
Output : This seNtENce is TO TeST THE funcTiON.

The module spongemock is for CLI command to generate spongemock text.

Installation :

pip install spongemock

Usage :

spongemock text

Other optional arguments are:

  • -h : show this help message and exit
  • -c : copy the mocked text to the clipboard
  • -b BIAS : this bias is used to successively increase the chance of swapping from the previously-mocked case. A value of 0 will ensure the chance is always 50/50, and a value of 1 will ensure that after the first random choice the capitalization perfectly oscilates. Default is 0.5
  • -s SEED : seed for random number generator. Can be any number or string (numbers are parsed)
  • -s STRSEED : seed for random number generator. Does not attempt to parse the string to a number

    Examples :

    • With default parameters :
    • Demonstrating -b :
    • Demonstarting -s :
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